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Enter your SAU email password here.

Return to Barracuda Home Page

Open the SAU Barracuda Login Page at:  https://spam.sau.edu
The following screen appears:

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Enter your SAU username:


Barracuda Quarantine InBox

Acting on individual messages

The Quarantine Inbox screen provides you with an interface to the Barracuda server, which has put "on-hold" or blocked emails, which are most likely SPAM.  This box is a temporary detention center.  It is a place used to keep "suspicious" email, and enables you to decide what you want to do with the message.

Selecting the Deliver, Whitelist, Delete links  will perform the action for that item only.

Acting on messages in Bulk

Select individual by click the check box in the left column:

Select all message on the page by click the master check box to left of the 'Time Received' header:

Changing your User Barracuda Quarantine Preferences - after logging into the quarantine interface, select the PREFERENCES tab to modify your quarantine and spam settings, and manage your whitelist and blacklist.



  1. To delete a whitelist or blacklist entry, click the trash can icon next to the address.
  2. If you enter a full email address such as JoeUser@sau.edu, just that user is specified.  If you enter just a domain, such as yahoo.com, all users in that domain are specified.

Changing your Quarantine Settings

Enabling and Disabling Spam Settings

Spam Scoring - Allows you to set system-wide defaults or create your own custom settings.
Spam Scoring Levels

Bayesian Learning - A system to identify patterns.  It will identify your spam patterns (what you think is and isn't spam). Once you train the Bayesian filter, it will better filter what you want, and what you don't want.  Each message you classify improves the filter.  The filter won't be truly effective until it has classified at least 200 spam messages and 200 not spam messages.

Bayesian Database Backup - Allows you to download a copy of your personal Bayesian database. These backups can be uploaded in the event of a corrupted Bayesian database.

Bayesian Database Restore  - Allows you to upload a copy of a saved Bayesian database. The uploaded copy does not have to originate from the Barracuda Spam Firewall or from the user's database.

Notification of Spam (delivered to your email account) - The Barracuda Spam Filter sends a daily SPAM Quarantine Summary Report so you can view the messages you did not receive.  From the report you can also add messages to your whitelist, delete message and have the messages delivered to your inbox.

At the end of the summary report there is a link to the quarantine interface where you set additional preferences and classify messages as spam or not spam.

NOTE TO FACULTY:  We strongly suggest that you shut off any junk mail rules you may have created within Outlook - Tools --> Options --> Junk E-Mail and check the option marked "no automatic filtering."